April 19, 2021, Greatway Technology announced releasing GWT3500S 1550nm optical transmitter

April 19, 2021, Greatway Technology announced releasing GWT3500S 1550nm optical transmitter, which has one fiber output and two RF inputs: one for 45~806MHz 80ch analog CATV or DVB-C QAM or DVB-T and the other for 950~2150MHz Satellite Input.  GWT3500S can delivery analog TV, DVB-C/T TV and DVB-S/S2 satellite TV over any FTTH system.  Together with high power optical amplifier, GWT3500S enables FTTH MSO offering analog TV, DTT or DVB-C, and live satellite video from just one optical transmitter. Most broadcasting TV RFs at CATV headend are from local video modulators, selected satellite video re-modulation and internet QAM output. In fact, it is not economical to convert all satellite TV to CATV if the main satellite has a lot of popular TV contents. It is more efficient to distribute satellite signal along with CATV RF. With more and more FTTH system deploy GPON for internet service, the traditional CATV forward RF bandwidth can be extended to 45~2150MHz, including rich high quality broadcasting CATV and Satellite TV. By means of DWDM technology, Greatway Technology engineers solved this wideband RF linear transmission problem. GWT3500S deals with CATV RF and satellite TV RF separately, ensuring best RF performance at CATV band and satellite band respectively. GWT3500S can enable FTTH MSO to provide analog TV, DVB-C/T/S services at the same time in one network at a simplest way. After huge amount of high quality videos are broadcasting at 1550nm optical window, Internet services have more effective bandwidth. GWT3500S can work with GPON, XGPON, NGPON2 FTTH system. Located in Shenzhen, Greatway Technology is a RF over fiber transmission product design house and factory since 2004, offering FTTH CATV receiver, RFoG ONU for ftth cable modem, satellite single/Twin/Quatro LNB RF over GPON, Two/Four satellites over one fiber link, 3224MHz Satellite Fiber Link, GPON and GPON+, EoC, 1218MHz CATV optical transmitter and optical node, broadcasting class AV/ASI/SDI fiber link.  

Post time: Apr-19-2021