CATV Mini Headend

  • GWD800 IPQAM Modulator

    GWD800 IPQAM Modulator

    Three pluggable IPQAM modules in one 19” 1RU.

     Each IPQAM module has 4ch IPQAM RF output.

     Gigabit IP Input supports UDP, IGMP V2/V3.

     Supporting TS re-muxing.

     RF output supports DVB-C (J.83A/B/C), DVBT, ATSC.

  • GTC250 Terrestrial TV Frequency Converter

    GTC250 Terrestrial TV Frequency Converter

    Capture full VHF & UHF channel, convert 32 channels.

     Integrated Pre-Amplifier and Automatic Gain Control (AGC).

     4 inputs to select the best signal from VHF/UHF/FM optimized antennas.

     Adjustable output level up to 113 dBμV with 6 active channels.

     Intuitive key pad programming with LCD display for output channel conversion.

     Automatic LTE filter selection to minimize 4G signal interference.