CATV Transmitter and Nodes

  • GFH2009 RFoG FTTH Micronode

    GFH2009 RFoG FTTH Micronode

    Meeting SCTE-174-2010 standard.

     Forward path 1002/1218MHz RF bandwidth.

     17dBmV RF Output@1550nmRx.

     Burstmode 1610nmTx@+3dBm.

     CWDM wavelength for OBI free available.

  • GWT3500 1550nm CATV transmitter

    GWT3500 1550nm CATV transmitter

    19” 1RU compact housing with display.

     Emcore cooled DWDM 1550nm DFB laser.

     1002MHz/1218MHz predistortion design.

     Broadcasting or Narrowcasting application.

     Regular 1310nm forward path available.

  • GWR1200 CATV Optical Node

    GWR1200 CATV Optical Node

    Universal Outdoor Design.

    • Forward path 1002/1218MHz.

    • Forward path single 50dBmV or dual 46dBmV.

    • Return path 1310nm/1550nm transmitter option.

    • 220V or 60V power supply.

  • GWR1000M CATV MiniNode

    GWR1000M CATV MiniNode

     One 1000MHz/1218MHz 20dBmV Output

     42/54MHz or 85/102MHz Diplexer

     One forward fiber and one upstream fiber

     15V DC Remote Power over cable

  • GWR3300 Quad Return Path receiver

    GWR3300 Quad Return Path receiver

    Four independent return path receivers in 19” 1RU.

     Two stages low pass filters.

     5~200MHz Return path RF.

     RF output continuously adjustable at front panel.

  • GWE1000 CATV MDU indoor amplifier

    GWE1000 CATV MDU indoor amplifier

    Sheet Metal Housing with Aluminum Heat Sink.

     Forward path 1000MHz RF gain 37dB.

     Return path RF gain 27dB.

     Continuous 18dB adjustable equalizer, attenuator.

     6KV Surge Protection on all RF ports.

  • GSC5250 Super Capacitor Battery

    GSC5250 Super Capacitor Battery

    • 48V 5250Wh UPS batteries for optical nodes.

    • Including 70pcs 4.2V21000F super capacitors.

    • More than 20000 cycle times.

    • 50A 140 minutes charging time.

    • 300A Max Peak Discharging time 3ms.

    • 12V and 36V Super capacitor batteries Optional.