March 31, 2020, Greatway Technology announced upgrading GFH2009 RFoG Micronode to support Docsis 4.0 standard.

According to CableLabs, DOCSIS 4.0 has 1800MHz bandwidth for 10Gbps downstream data and 6Gbps upstream data in addition to broadcasting CATV videos.  Working with key component suppliers, Greatway Technology's new RFoG Micronode can offer 1800MHz forward path CATV bandwidth while meeting all standards defined by SCTE-174-2010. At 1800MHz, coaxial cable has much more attenuation compared with 1000MHz or 1218MHz, Docsis over fiber or Docsis over PON (D-PON) is the prevailing network, fiber to the premise (FTTP) or fiber to the home (FTTH) shall be the typical demand. In addition, Docsis 4.0 requests more return path channel bonding at lower CATV bandwidth, optical beat interference (OBI) is a more challenging factor in PON system. With built-in uncooled CWDM return path laser at selected optical window, GFH2009 RFoG Micronode realizes OBI free demand in PON system at an economical budget, having the advantages of broadcasting hundreds of HD TVs and shared 10Gbps Ethernet data. Video and Internet are the main information carrier at modern civilization. CATV and Satellite TV are the cheapest way of broadcasting TVs, interactive video is better from internet. New MSO may choose GPON/XGPON to provide internet service. Former cable modem users like to extend their accustomed equipment and maintenance experience. An effective combination of broadcasting video and interactive video can enhance the value of the network. To the subscribers preferring cable modem, GFH2009 RFoG micronode can be a reliable fiber to coaxial cable converter. Located in Shenzhen, Greatway Technology is a RF over fiber transmission product design house and factory since 2004, offering FTTH CATV receiver, RFoG ONU for ftth cable modem, satellite single/Twin/Quatro LNB RF over GPON, Two/Four satellites over one fiber link, 3224MHz Satellite Fiber Link, GPON and GPON+, EoC, 1218MHz CATV optical transmitter and optical node, broadcasting class AV/ASI/SDI fiber link.  

Post time: Apr-07-2022