Compact die-cast aluminum housing.

 Optical AGC range: -6dBm ~ +1dBm.

 One SC input, optional ONU port and one RF output.

 SatCR RF for 4pcs unicable sat receivers.

 Complied with EN50494+EN50607 standards.

 Terrestrial TV RF Bandwidth: 88~250MHz.

 Working with GLB3500E-2T transmitter.

 Optional WDM port to GPON ONU.


Product Description

GLB3500E-2R satellite TV FTTH Optical LNB is a fiber optic receiver converting optical signal into RF for up to 4 satellite receivers in one home.  Working with Greatway GLB3500E-2T satellite TV optical transmitter, GLB3500E-2R has built-in SatCR module dealing with wideband satellite RF, outputs 4 satellite user bands at one SatCR RF port for 4 unicable satellite receivers.  

Regular LNB is Low Noise Block, converting Ku Band 10.7GHz~12.75GHz RF or C Band 3.7GHz~4.2GHz RF to 950MHz~2150MHz IF for sat receiver. At SMATV over fiber system, one transmitter converts LNB IF to fiber. After fiber optic amplifier and PON, optic signal is distributed to hundreds or thousands of FTTH families. At each home with fiber cable, one optical receiver converts fiber to Sat IF. Fiber input turns to 950MHz~2150MHz IF output for sat receiver.

Satellite optical receiver plays the same role as regular LNB, it is a "virtual" LNB at home. Satellite optical receiver can be called as Optical LNB or Fiber LNB.

Regular LNB is installed at dish facing the sky. Optical LNB is installed anywhere in home where fiber is available. The contents of one regular LNB can be re-produced up to 500K optical LNBs.

Regular LNB has vertical or horizontal polarities (13V/18V) and higher band or lower band (0Hz or 22KHz). By means of CWDM/DWDM technology, optical LNB can have the same function RF port supporting DiSEqC.

GLB3500E-2R has 1310nm/1490nm/1550nm WDM option port for co-working with GPON ONU in any FTTH application, which enables traditional satellite Quattro LNB contents be inserted in the GPON system.

Other Features:

High Linearity Photodiode.

 SC/APC fiber input.

 Optical AGC range: -6dBm ~ +1dBm.

 One SatCR RF port for up to 4 unicable sat receivers in one home.

 Sat RF Ban: 950~2150MHz.

 CE approved.

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