GLB3500MT Terr TV and Sat Fiber Optic Transmitter


Converting Terr and Sat at compact housing.

 Terrestrial TV input: 174 -806 MHz.

 Satellite RF input: 950MHz~2150MHz.

 13V or 18V DC to LNB on request.

 AGC and GaAs Low Noise Circuit.

 1550nm uncooled DFB Laser output.


Product Description

GLB3500M is a modular 45~2600MHz RF over fiber link, transmitting Terrestrial TV channels and single L-Band RF over one fiber.

Direct Broadcasting Satellite (DBS) and Direct to Home (DTH) are the most popular way to enjoy satellite TV worldwide. To do it, satellite antenna, coaxial cable, splitter or multi-switcher and satellite receiver are necessary.  However, satellite antenna installation might be difficult to the subscribers living in the apartments. SMATV (satellite mater antenna TV) is a good solution for people living in the building or community to share one satellite dish and terrestrial TV antenna. With fiber cable, SMATV RF signal can be delivered to 30Km far away or distributed to 32 apartments directly, to 320 or 3200 or 32000 apartments via GWA3530 fiber optic amplifier.

GLB3500M consists of GLB3500MT transmitter module and GLB3500MR receiver module.  GLB3500MT transmitter module has one or two RF input ports while GLB3500MR has one RF output port. With high linearity 1550nm uncooled DFB laser, photodiode and low noise RF gain control circuit, GLB3500MT can deliver high quality Terrestrial TV channels and satellite RF over fiber to a few subscribers directly or thousands of FTTH subscribers via EDFA.  With 1310nm/1490nm/1550nm WDM option, GLB3500M can insert L-Band+TV RF over GPON/GEPON.  Beside the modular version, GLB3500M can have 19”1RU version upon request.  The fiber to the home plastic housing version of GLB3500MR is GFH2000 optical LNB, where FTTH subscriber just needs one fiber in and outputs satellite signals to several rooms in the family.

Other Features:

• Compact aluminum die cast housing.

• Single combined RF input with bandwidth:45~2600MHz or.

• Two separated RF inputs, including:
-One Terrestrial TV input, bandwidth: 174 -806 MHz.
-One LNB RF input, bandwidth: 950MHz~2150MHz (13V or 18V DC option for LNB on request).

• One RF output port.

• High Linearity 1550nm uncooled DFB Laser and Photodiode.

• Low noise RF Gain Control circuit.

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