GLB3500M-8 Terr TV and Two Quattro LNBs over fiber


Two satellite Quattro LNBs and Terr TV over one SM.

 VL/VH/HL/HH bandwidth: 950MHz to 2150MHz.

 Terrestrial TV RF 174~806MHz.

 8 CWDM uncooled DFB Lasers from 1470nm to 1610nm.

 AGC at optical transmitter and receiver.

 Supporting 1×32 PON FTTB and 5Km fiber distance.

 Excellent RF Isolation.


Product Description

GLB3500M-8 is a 8ch CWDM Satellite RF fiber link, transmitting 8 IFs from 2 Quattro LNBs at 2 different Satellite Dishes and 1 terrestrial TV RF over one SM fiber to multi subscribers. Each CWDM optical wavelength carries one 950~2150MHz RF signal (or 174~2150MHz, including Terrestrial TV), ensuring excellent RF performance and mutual isolation among satellite polarities. 

SMATV (Satellite Master Antenna TV) is popular to offer satellite TV and terrestrial TV to subscribers living in the apartments or community.  Traditional SMATV can distribute the master antenna contents via multiswitch to satellite receivers over coaxial cable.  Due to higher loss at higher satellite frequency, SMATV cable distance is less than 150 meter even  with IF online amplifier.  Typical two Quattro LNB SMATV system needs 9 RF cables from the building roof to the cascading multiswitchs, serving less than 100 subscribers just in one building.  GLB3500M-8 enables SMATV over fiber to more buildings and subscribers. Together with PLC fiber splitter and cascading multiswitchs in each building, GLB3500M-8 can distribute two Quattro LNBs and Terr TV to maximum 3200 subscribers in the community. This is a typical hybrid fiber coaxial cable application on the satellite TV.

GLB3500M-8 fiber link includes GLB3500M-8T fiber optic transmitter and GLB3500M-8R fiber optic receiver. With CWDM lasers/photodiode and low noise RF gain control circuit, one GLB3500M-8T can deliver high quality RF to maximum 32pcs GLB3500M-8R optical receivers within 5Km fiber distance.

Other Features:

• Aluminum Metal housing with heat sink.

• No fan design.

• 8 sat polarity broadband RF 950~2150MHz.

• One Terrestrial TV RF 174~806MHz.

• High Linearity Photodiode.

• Low noise RF Gain Control circuit.

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