GLB3500E-2T Terr TV and Wideband LNB Optical Transmitter


Compact Aluminum die-cast housing.

 3 RF inputs: wideband horizontal/vertical and Terr TV.

 Wideband H or V: 300MHz~2350MHz.

 Terrestrial TV: 88MHz -250 MHz.

 Reverse 14V DC power to wideband LNB.

 AGC on RF level to 1550nm laser.

 Supports 1×32 or 1×128 or 1×256 PON directly.


Product Description

GLB3500E-2T fiber optic transmitter is designed to deliver high density transponder contents (such as Hot Bird 13E) fiber to the home with or without GPON Ethernet service.  Working with wideband LNB such as Greatway GWB104G, GLB3500E-2T optical transmitter converts satellite wideband Horizontal 300MHz ~2350MHz, wideband Vertical 300MHz~2350MHz RF from one twin LNB (full contents of regular Quattro LNB) and terrestrial TV RF into one single mode fiber output while reverse powering the twin LNB with 14V DC.

Direct Broadcasting Satellite (DBS) and Direct to Home (DTH) are the most popular way to enjoy satellite TV worldwide. Satellite antenna, coaxial cable, splitter or multi-switcher and satellite receiver are necessary.  However, satellite antenna installation might be difficult to the subscribers living in the apartments. SMATV (satellite mater antenna TV) is a good solution for people living in the building or community to share one satellite dish and terrestrial TV antenna. With fiber cable, SMATV RF signal can be delivered to 30Km far away or distributed to 32 apartments directly, to 320 or 3200 or 32000 apartments via GWA3530 fiber optic amplifier.

GLB3500E-2T optical transmitter has +6dBm optical output, +17dBm output or +20dBm output, supporting 1x32 or 1x128 or 1x256 fiber to the home optical receiver (FTTH LNB) directly. 

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