GLB3500M-4D Four Satellites DWDM FTTH with GPON


Four dCSS static mode LNBs and Terr TV FTTH.

 Selected 32 UBs by static dCSS LNB: 950MHz to 2150MHz.

 Reverse 14V DC to dCSS LNB.

 Terrestrial TV bandwidth: 174~806MHz.

 Four DWDM wavelengths in the range of optical amplifier.

 AGC on optical transmitter and receiver.

 Each optical receiver has four RF outputs.

 Each RF output has access for the four satellites.

 WDM Port for GPON or XGPON ONU.


Product Description

GLB3500M-4D is a modular DWDM broadband RF fiber link, transmitting four 950~2150MHz Satellite RF and one 174~806MHz Terrestrial TV RF over one SM fiber to multi FTTH subscribers.  The four satellite RFs can be either VL/VH/HL/HH from one Quattro LNB or four static 32UB from four satellite dCSS LNBs. 

Four satellites have a lot of transponders on each satellite.  In fact, just 20% contents of the satellite are popular in 80% subscribers. All contents from four satellites over coaxial cable to fiber cable to each home are expensive. GLB3500M-4D system selects the most popular transponders to all subscribers.  32 transponders from each satellite should include the most featured contents of the satellite.  With 4ch DWDM technology and high power 1550nm optical amplifier, GLB3500-4D can insert 4 satellites with total 128 transponders into any GPON or XGPON system. At dCSS LNB static mode, the satellite receivers can be the regular mode watching all 4 satellite selected contents.

GLB3500M-4D fiber link includes GLB3500M-4TD DWDM optical transmitter and GLB3500M-4RD4 FTTH optical receiver. The optical receiver has 4 RF ports, each port supports watching incoming 32UB of the any incoming satellite. With DWDM lasers/photodiode and low noise RF gain control circuit, one GLB3500M-4TD can deliver high quality RF to maximum 32 GLB3500M-4RD4 optic receivers directly or thousands of GLB3500M-4RD4 optic receivers via high power optical amplifier.

Other Features:

• Compact aluminum housing with excellent heatsink and RF isolation.

• One Quattro LNB (or four dCSS LNBs) and Terr TV over one SM fiber transmission.

• Four satellite RF bandwidth: 950MHz to 2150MHz.

• Reverse 13V/18V DC to Quattro LNB or dCSS LNB.

• Terrestrial TV bandwidth: 174~806MHz.

• 1550nm C-band DWDM wavelengths in the range of EDFA or EYDFA.

• AGC on optical transmitter and receiver.

• High Linearity Photodiode.

• Excellent RF Isolation.

• Low noise RF Gain Control circuit.

• 19” 1RU House Optional.

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