GLB3500MG GNSS over fiber


GNSS service available via Tunnel, Metro, Indoor fiber.

 Maximum 18 GNSS or GNSS simulator signals over one fiber.

 Dropping one GNSS signal every 100~300m fiber.

 1 Optical transmitter supporting 18 GNSS transceivers.


Product Description

GLB3500MG fiber link distributes satellite GNSS simulator RFs over one fiber in the tunnel or subway for GNSS services. GLB3500MG fiber link includes GLB3500HGT rack mount fiber optic transmitter, and GLB3500MR-DX GNSS transceiver.

GNSS is Global Navigation Satellite System, mainly includes GPS (US), GLONASS (Russia), GALILEO (European Union) and BDS (China). Based on the multi satellites orbiting the earth, GNSS provides users with positioning, navigation, and timing (PNT) services on a global or regional basis.. This system consists of three segments: the space segment, the control segment, and the user segment.

Like the Internet, GNSS is an essential element of the global information infrastructure. The free, open, and dependable nature of GNSS has led to the development of hundreds of applications affecting every aspect of modern life. GNSS technology is now in everything from cell phones and wristwatches to cars, bulldozers, shipping containers, and ATM's.

All satellite antennas need open space to receive the RF signals from the sky.  GNSS RF signal has high attenuation over the coaxial cable.  GLB3500MG fiber link extends the GNSS service and GNSS simulator signals from outdoor to indoor and underground. GNSS service can be available in the indoor offices, underground markets, tunnels, metros, parking floors of skyscrapers.

GLB3500HGT optical transmitter converts 3ch or 6ch or 9ch or 12ch or 15ch or 18ch GNSS RF at the CWDM wavelength independently. GLB3500MR-DX GNSS transceiver drops the GNSS RF of the CWDM channel and passes the remaining CWDM channels to the next GNSS fiber optic transceiver.

Other Features:

Aluminum Housing.

 Sending up to 18 GNSS Simulator RFs over one SM fiber.

 Each modular transmitter converting one GNSS RF into one CWDM wavelength.

 One 19” 1RU housing have 6 slots, each slot for 3pcs modular transmitters.

 All CWDM wavelengths are muxed in one SM fiber.

 Each modular transceiver dropping one GNSS RF and passing other CWDM wavelengths.

 Offering GNSS services in the tunnel or subway.

 Offering 5.0V DC power to GNSS antenna.

 high linearity laser and high linearity Photodiode.

 Total 18ch CWDM wavelengths available.

 GaAs Low Noise Amplifier.

 Transceiver unit having both receiver module and re-transmitting module.

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