GTC250 Terrestrial TV Frequency Converter


Capture full VHF & UHF channel, convert 32 channels.

 Integrated Pre-Amplifier and Automatic Gain Control (AGC).

 4 inputs to select the best signal from VHF/UHF/FM optimized antennas.

 Adjustable output level up to 113 dBμV with 6 active channels.

 Intuitive key pad programming with LCD display for output channel conversion.

 Automatic LTE filter selection to minimize 4G signal interference.


Product Description

GTC250 Terrestrial TV Converter is an all-in-one programmable terrestrial TV signal booster, filter, combiner, channel converter, equalizer, and amplifier. It is suitable for collective antenna application where terrestrial TV signals can be selected, processed, filtered, combined, equalized, and amplified at once. With embedded LCD and key pad, GTC250 is convenient to select output channels and adjust output RF level.

GTC250 has one FM input, four VHF/UHF inputs, one RF output and one -20dB RF output test port. For DVB-T signals at PAL-B/G, VHF channel has 7MHz bandwidth and UHF channel has 8MHz bandwidth,  it is better to convert VHF channel to VHF channel and UHF to UHF channel only, where 8MHz DVB-T UHF channel to 7MHz DVB-T VHF channel may have contents loss problem.

The main contents of any mini headend are coming from satellites, internet, terrestrial TV and local cameras. Mini-head should select the wanted video from satellite and internet, mux the selected video in the new TS. Since more and more smart TVs can receive digital QAM RF signals directly, it makes more senses for commercial TV operators to convert DVB-S/S2 to QAM, convert IP to QAM and convert local cameras to QAM.  Anyway, local terrestrial TV is always popular for its contents next to subscribers. The combined QAM RF can be easily distributed over coaxial (or fiber) cable in any residential buildings at an economical way, broadcasting SD and HD videos without extra STB before smart TV.

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