GWR3300 Quad Return Path receiver


Four independent return path receivers in 19” 1RU.

 Two stages low pass filters.

 5~200MHz Return path RF.

 RF output continuously adjustable at front panel.


Product Description

GWR3300 rack mount return path receiver is designed for the indoor CATV return signal receiving. In the 19” 1RU rack, there are maximum 4 independent return path optical receivers, which receive the return path optical signals from our optical nodes in case of fiber to the building or four PON network in case of fiber to the home. Each receiver has a built in low noise PIN diode, GaAs preamplifier, low band pass filter and high output level RF amplifier, providing up to 45dBmV output level at the 19” 1RU rear panel. The PIN diode supports 1260nm~1650nm optical wavelength, including the popular 1310nm, 1550nm and other CWDM channels. On the front panel, there is one -20dB RF test port and one continuous adjustable attenuator for each receiver, enabling the easy set up of each return path RF output level. The bandwidth of each return path receiver is 5MHz~204MHz, matching optical node RF band splitting of 42/54MHz, 65/85MHz, 85/102MHz, 204/258MHz, supporting Docsis 2.0, Docsis 3.0 and Docsis 3.1 cable modem upstream RF signals. In other words, GWR3300 can deal with all CATV upstream signals, no matter the optical nodes or the RFoG micronodes.

Besides the four independent return path RF outputs, there is one RF port combining four receiver outputs as one RF output, which is convenient to CMTS US port connection.

With high performance photodiode and hybrid amplifier, GWR3300 offers a clean return path band for Cable Modem up-streaming signals. Optical power indicator and RF test port on the front panel can indicate receiver’s status.

Other Features:

• 1550nm/1310nm dual wavelength.

• 4 independent RPR in one 19” 1U standard rack.

• Low noise, high linearity photodiode.

• 5- 204 MHz RF Bandwidth.

• Two band pass filters to depress the upstreaming noise.

• Output adjustment and -20dB RF test available on front panel.

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