GWR1000M CATV MiniNode


 One 1000MHz/1218MHz 20dBmV Output

 42/54MHz or 85/102MHz Diplexer

 One forward fiber and one upstream fiber

 15V DC Remote Power over cable


Product Description

GWR1000M Optical MiniNode has one RF port with forward path analog TV, DVB-C and CMTS DS signals and upstream cable modem signals at regular or burst mode over the single Bi-directional fiber or two fibers. With indoor aluminum die-cast housing, GWR1000M is ideal for advanced fiber to the premises (FTTP), fiber to the floor (FTTF) or fiber to the building (FTTB) applications at CATV and internet networks. GWR1000M node provides one RF output up to 1.2 GHz (1218MHz) which supports few TV terminals directly or drive MDU amplifier in the coaxial cable network.  

GWR1000M node is ideal for high density applications: MDU, universities, hospitals and business parks. With 20dBmV RF output at AGC mode, GWR1000M mininode handles small size establishment conveniently. Return path transmitter can be 1310nm or 1550nm on the 2nd fiber port, depending on the system requirements. Optional WDM technology allows two-way operations on a single fiber. CWDM return path optical wavelengths are available to combine multiple two-way nodes on one fiber.

As an indoor optical node, GWR1000M can be mounted on the wall by screws or on the table. It has designed 6KV surge protection at all RF ports.

GWR1000M has one -20dB test port, easily monitoring the working forward path and return path RF signal.

GWR1000M can be powered at the independent RF port with a remote 15V DC power adapter, which allows the DC voltage drop at less than 30 meter RG6 cable length. GWR1000M can also be powered at the RF output port.


• Compact Aluminum Housing

• 1002/1218MHz forward path RF bandwidth

• 20dBmV RF output at AGC

• AGC effective at -7dBm~+1dBm optical input

• 5~42MHz/85MHz/204MHz return RF bandwidth

• Reverse RF over 1310nm or CWDM DFB laser working at continuous mode

• LED display forward and return optical working status

• 6KV Surge Protection

• 15V remote DC power adapter

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