GFH1000-KP powerless CATV receiver for ONU


• 1550nm FTTH CATV receiver.

• 1000MHz Analog or DVB-C TV.

• 68dBuV@-1dBm RF input.



Product Description

GFH1000-KP is 1550nm powerless CATV fiber to the home optical receiver with 1310nm/1490nm WDM loop out port. After fiber deep campaign, HFC CATV optical receiver serving area decreases from 2000 subscribers, to 500 subscribers, 125 subscribers, 50 subscribers and now one subscribers when fiber to the home. Since higher power optical amplifier is widely used in CATV broadcasting PON system, it is possible to use powerless optical receiver working at -6dBm~-1dBm to reduce FTTH terminal cost and power consumption.  Meanwhile, since the internet function is transferred to GPON or XGPON, GHF1000-KP has 45MHz to1000MHz or 1218MHz full RF bandwidth for TV broadcasting service.

GFH1000-KP has one optical input port, one fiber wdm port and one RF output. Like ONU family devices, GFH1000-KP has flame retarding plastic housing.  This plug and play device is easily installed at home or SOHO (small office and home office) application. With high linearity photodiode and well adjusted passive RF matching circuit, GFH1000-KP still outputs acceptable quality RF for either analog TV or digital QAM TV for one or more TV sets in one family. Unlike GFH1000 FTTH CATV receiver with built-in GaAs amplifier, GFH1000-KP powerless FTTH CATV receiver relies on the optical input power for EDFA, the 1550nm optical input power can be recommended as low as -6dBm when the RF signal is DVB-C QAM or -1dBm when the RF signal is analog TV.

The input 1550nm signal bandwidth can be 1525nm~1565nm wideband optical signal and narrow band 1550nm~1560nm optical signal.

The WDM can support regular 1310nm/1490nm GPON or 1270nm/1577nm XGPON or NGPON2. GFH1000-KP enables any third party GPON ONU with RF function for broadcasting RF channels.

Other Features:

• Compact plastic flame retarding housing.

• High Linearity Photodiode for CATV RF.

• 45~1000MHz (downstream) RF Output.

• No DC power Passive economy design.

• 1310nm/1490nm Optical Bypass Port to ONU.

• WDM can be upgraded to include 1270nm/1577nm reflection port for XGPON ONU.

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